Wednesday, March 09, 2005

there's something about ..... taking a bus nowadays

My god! I should be transport Minister. My blog is so transportation theme, I'm getting embarrassed. I have mentioned a bike, traffic police, LTA, my headlamp, car park, taxi drivers.... and now... BUS?!

But since my friends' blog also got certain theme like weather, spiderman and gadgets, I supposed theme blog is ok. :)

Today I took a bus. Yes... I send my car for service plus repair of those headlamps that show me what kind of world I'm driving in.

Of course, after years and years of cheating bus fare during my younger days, it's now divine retribution.

I wouldn't call cheating lah, it's just exploiting loopholes in the public transport system. I'm one of those who put in minimum bus-fares and ride from Bishan to say Changi.

And during my Poly days, it was more extreme. Bus drivers always take it for granted that students will have bus pass. And if you are boarding from the Poly Bus stop, the bus driver always take the opportunity to take a break and they don't bother to check every student. So, I go without buying bus stamps on certain months.

Today, I took the first step in repaying what I owe to them from the past.

Right now, when you board the bus, you actually paid full fare first. And just before you alight, you tap your ezlink card and the correct fare will be deducted. If you forgot..... Damn!!

Just say I... Damn!! Damn!! today.

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