Sunday, March 06, 2005

there's something about ..... Pre-Natal Blues

And I'm not talking about my wife.

I'm talking about myself.

I'm about 1 over month away from being a father. And right now, the jittery I'm getting is like few years ago before my wedding. Back then, it was the counting down of bachelorhood.

Now, I'm counting down to the end of childish behaviours. It's like I'm supposed to set good examples to my kid soon. And I dunno what are good examples. Am I supposed to play xbox like a gentleman, no shouting, no screaming and no cursing? Things like that.

Also, I have just started searching for baby names after putting this off for months. I always tell myself that I have time, take it easy. And now I realised I got no time. 1 over month to find a suitable name for my kid, a name that hopefully have good meaning, sound nice, suitable, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to spell, but profound in meaning, a little bit harder to pronounce but still easy, a little unique but must also be easy to spell and easy to remember, maybe not too unique... urrggghhh.

Christian names? English names? Spanish names? footballer names? basketballer names? Dialect names? urrrggghhhhh

Chinese characters? urrrrgggghhhhhhh

And I'm so damn curious on how my baby will look like. From long ago, I've always being curious how one day my offsprings will looks like. It's like you match my face with someone's face and you get this equation of look. And each time, equation changes and your next offspring will have another look. It's amazing.

One thing I do know is that he will have my nose. Not exactly my most flattering feature. Poor kid. Of all things he inherited, he inherited my nose.

Eventhough I have a 3-D scan of him few months ago, I'm still curious to see his full face.

Will post the scan soon.


Desmond said...

茂桥 will be a nice name since it is a well known name...hahaha.

moomooman said...


Scott said...

I was tripping out before my son was born. We decided to not know the sex of the child, so that was a mystery too.

But once was all done, it was a brilliant day. He's three now and we think we will have ONE more (unless we get twins).

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Kelv Ang is a nice name.

moomooman said...

Hey Scotts,

Don't think, just do it! Haha.

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

moomooman said...

To anonymous,

You wouldn't name your son Kelv Tan.

Cos it reminded us of somebody pal looking!