Sunday, March 20, 2005

there's something about ..... gated and guarded

I was at Suntec City the last 3 days on a exhibition trying to sell properties. Now, it's not properties in Singapore. It's properties in Penang!!

My god!! The last time I went to penang was.... 15 years ago and now I have to sell something I have never set my eyes on and not to mention, how Penang looks like since then.

After given a 30 minutes crash course on the product and Penang, I started promoting the houses like a Pro, machiam a Penang Native.

And I'm not boasting.

It's actually very simple.

Buyers who came to our booth not knowing Penang well, wouldn't know how to ask difficult questions that you can't answer.

I just say "This is situated at Bukit Jumbul, a high end residential area in Penang"
They goes " Ohh...."

That's it. Whatever limited things I know will be too much of information to them.

Next, buyers who came to our booth that knows Penang inside out is even easier.

I just say "This is situated at Bukit Jumbul"
They goes "wah... very high end"

That's it. I don't even have to say a single thing about Penang.

During these 3 days, I also learned 2 new terms in Real Estate in Malaysia. It's call "Gated" and "Guarded".

In fact, one neighbour booth which is selling this Condo is called "GGeC". It's an abbrevation for "GATED" "GARDEN" "E-Community"

I almost fainted! On 2 Counts!!

Other than the obvious "Orbitness" of the name, they are not very consistent in Grammer. Should it be "GATED" "GARDENED" "E-Communitied"

Now, to these Malaysian Property Buyers, you really have to speak their language.

I said "This project comes with 24 hours Security Services, manned by Security Guards"

Their response "Huh?"

I summarises "It's Guarded"

"Ohh, I see"

I said "This project comes with Boundary Walls surrounding the estate, giving you exclusivity"

Their response "Huh?"

"It's Gated"

"Ahh.. I see"

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