Tuesday, March 15, 2005

there's something about ..... meeting up buyers/sellers

And I'm not talking about buyers/sellers of flats.

In case you are wondering, I'm not doing other sidelines as well. I'm just rather active in Yahoo Auctions where I sell my unwanted items or buy things of interest there.

You can buy DVDs, X-box pirated games, shoes, phones, panties (just came across only lah), services, clothings, everything that can be described lah.

And I just sold off my Palm 515 thru the auction and had arranged to meet the buyer today at his place.

I like to do Door Delivery because I will take the opportunity to introduce my real estate services to them and perhaps they will also be keen in selling their home.

This buyer is a middle-age man, you can always tell over the phone, and the chances of him being a home owner is pretty high given that profile.

So I went over to his place in Sembawang today about 11.30am, I was still thinking that this man must be a retiree lah.... how else would he be at home on a Tuesday morning.

And so I try to ask leading questions:

I started "Wah, nice place you have here."


I continue "Not working today?"

"Oh... I'm a property agent"

My heart "%#@^#"

I replied "Me too"

His heart "&%&^!"

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