Friday, February 25, 2005

There's something about ..... my blog and traffic police

It's confirmed!!! Traffice Police saw my blog last night!!

How else could anyone explain that this morning, they announced via their website and Straits Times that they will deploy speed cameras along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and Ang Mo Kio ave 5.

I stay along Ang Mo Kio Ave 2. But the Traffic Police has more or less ensure that the moment I drive, I will be checked! If I turn left of Ave 2, it's Ave 5. If I turn right of Ave 2, it's Ave 1.

You tell me it's a coincidence? Huh!

It's also confirmed!!! Traffic Police caught me speeding this evening!!!

I let down my guard this evening about 6.45pm, thinking "maybe they are off-work". I was on my way back along Ave 1, driving at 80km/h.

And Suddenly, I saw 3 men standing on the overhead bridge, 2 of which wear white uniforms!!! I stepped on my brake real hard!!! But I could only reduce my speed to about 70km/h when I reach the bridge.


I like to apologise to the Traffic Police for making those comments in my blog last night.

I truly believe the objective behind what the Traffice Police was doing is genuiue.

I admire those men in white Uniforms even if they have big ears. White Uniforms with speed cameras is very smart!

Traffic Police are the greatest. They save lives.

Please, if you are reading this blog again..... I was just drunk yesterday and since i can't drive (you see, I'm even remember the slogan), I type.

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