Friday, February 18, 2005

There's something about ..... Traffic Offences now.

Why the word "now", I personally think the previous "management" of Traffic Police is much better.

My understanding is that Traffic Police now comes under Land Transport Authority (LTA) instead of Home Affairs. And of course, Home Affairs is about Law and Order and with that it's about fair and equity. LTA..... is about "Ka-Ching!".

In recent newspaper forums, many "victims" of traffic offences have complained about how they have been caught unaware of new speed limits and unaware of the increase rate of summoning activies.

And I mean really high level of summoning activities. It's like LTA probably hired part-timers paying them $10 an hour and asking them to stand in the sheltered overhead-bridge holding a speed camera. And in that one hour, they probably could catch 20 cars "speeding" and fine them about $150 each. That is the best business model which probably will make Donald Trump green with envy.

My views are biased. I'm a car-driver. I drive every day. I usually drive at 80 to 90km/h on most roads. I'll slow down at locations with a speed camera and speed off after I have passed them.

And something about Singapore roads are that unless otherwise stated, most roads comes with a defaulted 50km/h speed limit. And there aren't that many "unless otherwise stated".

So naturally, most of us will drives at speed faster than buses. Otherwise I will seriously question my ability to rationalise by spending $60k on a car just so that I drive at 50km/h.

But things change.

Now you drive at 60km/h and you could be fine $150 and 6 demerit points, not because you road-hog or drive slightly faster than a bus, but because you SPEED!

And the worse thing is, you only receive your summon 2 months down the road because of the increase summoning activities which the backroom staff are not able to cope and the machines not able to produce pass the usual churning pace.

Now, who can remember where you drive exactly 2 months ago? Did you lend out your car? Did anyone from your family took your car? Why did you speed?

So if you think COE prices is low now and thinking of buying a car, think carefully. The fines may cost more than your monthly installment!

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