Wednesday, February 16, 2005

There's something about ..... winning that $10m TOTO

For the uninitiated (Are you an Alien?), tomorrow is the New Year Draw for TOTO where you can win $10 million!!!

Today I spoke with my buddy Jeff and he mentioned that if he win all of the $10m, he will give me $100,000. After calculating, it's a mere 1% of the total prize money!!!

2 things to note.

Firstly, is the size of the prize! $10m!!!!!!! That is $10,000,000. SEVEN zeros!! At 1% you still get $100k. Your life will change and that is an understatement!!
  • You no longer have to worried about how fast your car depreciated, by the day!
  • You no longer have to bother about the Budget 2005 announcement this Friday! You almost immediately improve the GDP estimates.
  • You no longer have to save money just so that you can buy pirated xbox games, You Buy Originals!
  • You no longer need to see another day of an alarm clock, you quit and pay back the company 1 month salary rounded up to the nearest thousand as tips.
  • You can now open up your last can of New Moon Abalone reserve for special occasions and feed the ants and not feel a pinch for it.

Lists could go on.

The second thing to note is........ 1%?!?!?!??!?! I'm worth that 1% from Jeff?

You know how important you are in the eyes of your friends if they ever ever strike TOTO!

For those who really strike TOTO tomorrow, remember to donate money to charities and Tsunami Relief Fund.

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Ella said...

住洋房的阔少还需要向我老爸要求赏金。哼哼 吃大便算了。