Saturday, February 26, 2005

there's something about ..... having a maid (already)

Like all sequels, this sequel will be a letdown.

My maid arrived yesterday morning amid all the anticipations in the family that no one admitted to. I think even our neighbours are quietly curious to see our maid. Not to mention some of you reading this post. Yes... U... Lily!!

I woke up yesterday with a mini stomach-ache plus headache, and you know such combo is an omen, like KFC combo meal that comes with 3 breast meats that is over-cooked and gas-less pepsi.

Of course, now we know what the omen is for. Ave 1 and Ave 5!

Anyway, my new maid is.... far. Maybe like the cantonese saying “屎缸也有三天香”. Loosely translated is "toilet bowl also smell good in the first 3 days".

So we are all looking at how long this will last before we start complaining about her.

I will not attempt to take photo of her and put it in my blog. Just in case, this could one day haunt me if I become a Nominated MP.

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