Wednesday, February 16, 2005

There's something about ..... that bike

Hmmph!!... Wait till I grow up!

This is a photo taken in Malaysia, 四湾岛. That boy (yes... the right one) is my unofficial "Godson" Bryan, also son of my buddyress Lily.

We were there for a short holiday as well as helping out our friend's wedding.

Anyway, the story behind this photo is that, bryan wanted to take a ride in the bike but was not allowed to.

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coolcat said...

Here is your buddyress leaving the very first comment on your blog. heehee. Finally you achieve your first resolution and in such early part of the year. A major feat, bro!

This photo of Bryan is very cute. He finally did ride on the bike, pillion with Jolene. He thought it was rather scary.