Thursday, May 12, 2005

there's something about ..... amazing race's winner!

This must be the most exciting race so far!!

I'm so damn glad Uchenna and Joyce win it!! As long as not Rob and Amber. This is the first time there is so much pull and push factor for me to support one particular team so much.

And to think this almost became the most boring finale ever when Rob and Amber managed to get into the plane for the final leg which would give them a 1 hour headstart than Uchenna and joyce, which would have won them the title super easily, only for uchenna and joyce to be given a lucky break at the boarding gate when the pilot allow them in after the doors are closed.

Divine intervention.

But I must say Rob and Amber play the most competitive game ever!! They are the best competitor and they really lost out on bad luck..... which only happened to them in the final leg, which is dued to them for the way the played the game... survivor style.

Divine intervention.

To that Taxi Driver that brought Uchenna and Joyce to the finishing line but wouldn't allow them to leave unless they settle the full taxi fare, which could have cost uchenna and joyce $1m, ...... all i can say.... stupid! You could have earn yourself a super big tip.

Can't wait for the next race.

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Anonymous said...

Divine intervention??? Where is your sense of conspiracy theory???? Somehow I felt that it was 'destined' that R&A to get 2nd. Oops, will I get sue for this???'s your blog right? hahaha.