Tuesday, May 03, 2005

there's something about ..... my baby's name

Only last thursday did I officially announce the english name of my kid to my parents. A good 23 days after my son is borned and a good 2 days before my baby full month celebration.

Naming your kid is so damn stressful. Anyway...

So I told them "Ian".

And immediately my mum, who is a big fan of local celebrity news, ask that question "什么意识?"

I was speechless.

It's all because of one Brayden, now every Ah Soh in Singapore has this idea that every name must comes with a meaning... like Brave Lor, Like Clever Lor, Like Cute Lor, Like Macho Lor.

I told them I don't really know and not everyone find a name based on meaning first but some based it on how it sounded or how it's spelt. Like who knows what Peter, vincent, michael stands for?

Maybe it's time I go find out.


coolcat said...

Have you gone to do the registration yet?

Anonymous said...

Meaning: God is gracious. The Scottish form of John.

moomooman said...

lily: not yet... will do it this Thursday, the exact 1 month. Thought it will be meaningful that on his birthday, I give him a birth cert as present. Issued date: 05.05.05. hehe

Desmond: wah.. so religious. So what is the meaning of Desmond, Lily, Jeff, Leon, Anthony, Elaine, Ella, Carolyn, Jolene, Charrell, Edwin? hehe

coolcat said...

05.05.05 sounds great!

Mine is the name of a flower. I think the clerk at the birth registration counter was English-ed. My parents, non-English speaking, would never have used Lily. It would probably come out as Lee Lee or Li Li. Luck has it that I'm just Lily, Yeo. No chinese name. :)