Tuesday, May 17, 2005

there's something about ..... fatherhood

I'm just into the infant stage of fatherhood. How has fatherhood changed me?

... heavier

I put on more weight. Contrary to beliefs when people lose weight when they have a baby... I actually gain weight.

Every free time is spend napping. Even after meals.

I stopped playing basketball for a while. Timing just isn't right.

... sleep lesser

I used to sleep 9 hours a day. Now I sleep 5 hours a night.... and say accumulative of 1 hour of napping. Shiong!!

... more x-box

No... I don't mean I bought another x-box. For some unexplained strange reason, I spend more time playing x-box. I used to spend say 1 hours a day. Now... it's probably like 2 over hours.

... fewer rentals on DVD

Once a week no more... In fact... haven't even rented anything since.

... more knowledgeable

I learned now that baby actually farts!!!! Alot!!!! With sound some more!!!

... paronoid

I became more paronoid. In fact this is a contagious disease. It's a phenonmenon that I have named this paranoid "Jeff Tan Syndrome". I used to wash my hands based on the number of times I go toilet. I don't even wash my hands for meals.

Now I wash my hands so damn frequent that I think I need to see a shrink.

... what suntec city

It's now Kiddy Palace.

... gag restraining order (by mum and wife)

I used to talk cock and bo chap about what I talk. Now it's different. I can't say anything to the kid without being told off my by mum and wife.

Me: Ian... (complimentaries)
Mum/wife: Shhh...
(ban tang... cannot praise babies... they believe the opposite will happen)

Me: Ian... (non-complimentaries)
Mum/wife: shhh....

... more excuses


Just last week, I managed to convince my wife that we should skip the inlaws because the baby was very cranky!!


... more TV shows in unearthly hours

which suits me fine. More Champions League Games on TV. More NBA games in the morning. I even get to watch those opening/closing transmission Mari Kita (more on that next blog)

... "you complete me"

I look forward to reaching home each time I'm out..... so that I can sleep. he he.

But of course, not before taking a look at Ian, hug him a bit, make him cry a bit... then I sleep lah. I very loving one ok.

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