Monday, May 23, 2005

there's something about ..... flying shit

Gek Sai

Ian has shown me a few things in life I never thought I would see.

He has shown me that shit can travel horizontally and that you could measure how far shit can shoot..... approximately 2 feet or 60 cm.

This has happened 3 times. All came as a surprise and we were caught totally unprepared.

The first time, while changing diapers for him, my mum put him near the edge of her bed. Suddenly, the flying shit shoot out and hit the TV console. NO KIDDING!

A friend who came visiting also kenna when the flying shit kenna her hand. And my friend wasn't even doing anything near him.

And the other day, the flying shit also kenna my wife's leg while again changing his diapers, and also kenna the bedsheet which was freshly put up. Atlas, my maid has to change the bedsheet again.

Based on the last incident, I have measured that his shit reached as far as 60 cm from his ass..... horizontally.

I think it's time I call in the Guiness World Of Records and see if this is registered.

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