Tuesday, May 03, 2005

there's something about ..... DXO

Nowadays I'm about 2 days laggard when it comes to news. Eversince the baby is borned, no longer my day started with coffee and newspaper in the morning. In fact my day started in the afternoon, and work follow next, then nap, then TV, then internet. Newspaper become my toilet read.

And I just came out from the toilet after finishing my Sunday Times.

NTUC just took over a popular disco at Esplanade previously known as Embassy. In their bid to appeal to the younger crowd, they decided that a happening disco in a happening location is the way to go. That way, NTUC can be described as "COOL", together with other adjectives like Monopolising, Unreasonable, efficient, ridgid.

So the COOL name for the Disco..... "DXO".

At first, I felt it sounded very MINDEF. Others thought DXO stands for Dance X-tra Ordinary, which is not too bad if it is indeed that meaning.

However, the Chief Executive explained "We wanted a name that was Hip and COOL. So since we are located next to the Durian (Esplanade), we thought we would call it the XO version of the durian."

Hence... DXO.

Another adjective can now be added...... Stupid.


coolcat said...

I didn't read that article. You aren't serious about the origination of the name, right?

moomooman said...


This is the article.

coolcat said...

Buay ta han.... Might as well call it D24 too.