Tuesday, May 10, 2005

there's something about ..... Road Signs

Somebody in LTA has a good sense of humour. DIVERTED?!?!?!

Soon we will have:

"Very Straight Geylang Road"
"Uneven Thomson Road"
"Curvy Nicole Highway"

Diverted?!? Why would there be a need to even put up a sign like that?

Boss : Salim, send the parcel to Eunos Road 8.
Salim called back from Eunos Road 8 junction : Boss, Diverted or Non Diverted?
Boss : Trying to be funny issit. You go fly cut and don't come back!

I always have a little problem with local roads.

Where do you know exactly where Upper Paya Lebar Road reaches Paya Lebar Road? Or Upper Thomson Road reaches Thomson Road?

And Why North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road is not exactly North and South. Seriously it's West and East.

Why Boundary Road is not exactly a boundary Road separating towns?

Why Still Road is always so busy?

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