Tuesday, May 17, 2005

there's something about ..... every Tuesday ST's life

Straits Times on Tuesday is not exactly my favourite day. Especially in
life section

Each time I will forget it's Tuesday and while flipping the papers innocently, I will be attacked by some horrible image of a slimming centre advertisment.

It's not your atypical slimming ad.

Most slimming ad comes with girls with curvy figures, some are celebrities, some may be model, some are pretty, some are presentable looking... all these are to give the idea of false hope in order to earn your money.

BUT THIS AD?!?!?!? It throw all conventional theories into the dustbin.

Sure.... it was CURVY figures. Sure... some people out there may idolise her. But instead of false hope.... it gives nightmare.

I pity the slimming centre.

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