Thursday, April 28, 2005

there's something about ..... that government letter

Today we received a letter from government.

I hate those letters with the word "On Government Service", they always send a chill down my spine. This is follow closely by letters from IRAS except these IRAS letters send my blood up my head. The upper one.

Like I'm not stressed enough about my baby's name, it's a letter from immigration. It's a reminder that I have within 42 days to get my baby's name out or I must write an explanation letter to them to say why I'm late.

I'm already preparing the draft to the letter.

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
Registry of Births
Citizen Services Centre
ICA buidling

Dear Sir/Mdm

  1. I refer to your letter dated 25 April and the above reference.
  2. I was told to write an explanation letter on why we are late in registering the name of our baby.
  3. It all started on 5th April when my wife gave birth.
  4. We spend 2 days at the hospital after that.
  5. When I reach home, I took alot of picture of the kid. These whole excercise last me about 2 days after which I started playing with Viewcam.
  6. I spend the next 2 days shooting videos of the kid.
  7. I spend the next 1 week adjusting to sleeping in the morning and waking up at noon, trying to do some work and falling sleepy again in the afternoon.
  8. I write some blogs.
  9. I write some blogs.
  10. I spend 1 more week trying to absorb the government's rationale of the casinos and how they derive that 35000 jobs will be created.
  11. I got tired after calculating stops at 3000 and took 2 days off to rest.
  12. I received your letter on the 28th April.
  13. I write another blog.
  14. I was preparing for my boy's full month celebration over the weekend on 30th and 1st May.
  15. Weekend over, and I took labour day off to rest.
  16. I decided that it's probably time to start looking for a name.
  17. But I realised I also have to write you an explanation letter.
  18. So I decided that the letter come first.
  19. As it's so taxing to think of a name and think of a letter to write, I decided to engage external professional help.
  20. The letter is finally completed.
  21. I hope you find my explanation acceptable.
  22. Please grant me another 42 days to think of a name for the baby.
  23. Thank you and have a nice day.


Ang Mo Kio

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