Monday, April 11, 2005

there's something about ..... annual NKF shows

I love these shows!!

It's really a fantastic show and they remain their standard year after year.

What other shows in the world allow you to have a emotional ride over 3 hours? What other shows in the world allow you to watch clowns boybands perform together on the same stage?

You have the laughter of watching these boybands making a fool perform high standard stunts like hanging on a rope beating drums, after which go on to say that these are nothing compared with the pains the beneficiary of the charity suffer. WOW. They actually think we do not know that!!

You have the sadness of watching plights of some of these beneficiary. If these scenes do not make you sad, I think you should go watch Masters Of the Seas... twice to know what sad is.

You feel amusing that all dangerous stunts (so they said) year after year are perform with limited rehearsal (so they said), and that very last minute decided to up the ante of the stunts and said that this was not planned and they are so damn worried that their tongue will be cut off by the fan.

You feel a sense of generosity of dialing some 1900 numbers to make that donation of $5.40 to the charity.

You then have a sense of frustration that the automated voice over the other end is some ugly guy who can't sing talented singer from 5566 and not Cindi Wang, thanking you for the donation.

Finally, after realising it's not Cindi Wang, you feel angry and decided to question why Singtel charged $0.20cents per call and why the actual donation is $5.20 and not $4.99.

And you just feel tired after all these emotional roller-coaster ride.

Look out for next week where the local stars will perform. There will be performances that are so dangerous that their fellow colleagues will start to cry by the sideline because they were so worried the impromptu stunts may go haywire.

This is Channel 8 at it's best. Actors in Reality TV. You can't beat that!

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