Friday, April 15, 2005

there's something about ..... that casino decision

Yes.... I know I did said that the whole casino debate is a farce which the government already going ahead with the decision.

And I know everyone also feels that the casino is just a formality waiting for Monday to be officially announced.

Being a conspiracy theorist, I have also stating the tell-tale signs given out by the government that they are going ahead with it.

I also believe that a casino will also be good for Singapore if the taxation deriving from the betting revenue can be used to offset the any reduced taxation on personal income tax and corporate tax.

That will bring in more MNC setting up companies in Singapore and boost employment rate on top of those created by the Intergrated Resort. And blah blah blah...

BUT NOW..... I believe the government is NOT going ahead with a casino. I'm saying this with a confidence level of 40%. Previously I would be 100% certain a casino will be built. Why?

Because our PM Lee has decided to make the ministerial statement himself instead of another minister.

Think about it.... all these while when he was supporting the idea, the guinea pig to announce the unpopular decision is someone else.

Just after the cabinet ministers met last Saturday to decide on this, as revealed by SM Goh, PM Lee said he will make that ministerial statement. Hmmm.... Unless the decision will make him look good, why would any PM take a risk?

And soon after that, reports on the Gambling Addicts surface. No doubt release by the government. Hmmm.... What timing! I supposed this study was already being done before the decision was made by the Cabinet, and they only released that now? Just within a week to the ministerial statement when the decision was already made last week?

And.... soon.... all our opposition parties started to give press statements to say that they do not support the casino.... again 1 week before the ministerial statement and after the cabinet made their decision? Hmmmm.... Timing.

And our Deputy PM Tony Tan mention that the number of addicts is a major concern. Again just days before the ministerial statement. And if you ever notice...... Tony Tan Hardly ever give press statements or give interviews. And this came just about the time his name has been mentioned as our next possible President? Hmmm......

So what could possibly sway such decision?


IF... of all those 18 bidders, one of them decided to have an Integrated Resort without the casino and still able to invest about $3billion and add to employment, plus attract tourists. Isn't that perfect for our government.

And I suspect one of the bidder will be as such. And I'm going further with it, that bidder will bid for the Marina Site.

We will know whether I'm right on Monday.

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