Tuesday, April 19, 2005

there's something about ..... that thing on your sleeves

Today I was conducting a viewing at a vacant house with a prospective tenant with her 2 accompanying lady agents.

Just when I was talking half way, one of the lady agent pointed worriedly at my direction around my shoulders area "There's... something... on your...."

Now, I'm the most macho man on earth... as long as you keep away all living things other than humans about 3 metres away from me. It's like I have a international retraining court order against them.

I immediately look on my shoulders. Nothing. Phew.

She pointed downwards.

KNN!!! There's a SMALL LIZARD on my sleeves closer to my armpit!!!

At that point of time, your mind is super confused and all your reflexes goes haywire as a result. The whole thinking process takes 1 second and I have to cramp dignity, frighten, solution all in 1 second.

So there I was, trying to pretend I wasn't afraid, but the sight of lizard that close scared the hell out of me. I was also trying to think how I could shake it off without using my hand, but the fastest is to sweep it off with my hand. So I did a combo of shaking my shoulder and the other hand trying best to sweep it off without touching. I believe my facial expression is equally crooked as well.

So finally the lizard fell to the ground and I immediately goes back to my damage-control mode and pretend I was macho.

That tenant then remarked "oh...it's only a gecko"

Yeah... ONLY a gecko!! Easy for her to say...she didn't have a gecko on her sleeves!!

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