Friday, April 01, 2005

there's something about ..... conspiracy

After watching Farenheit 911 last year, I begin to believe in conspiracy theories.

Sometimes I decided to form these theories myself eventhough I know there is no way for me to verify them.

For example, I believe that the increase level of summoning activities by the Traffic Police early this year is so that they have enough money to buy 3 Volkswagen Touregs. If you haven't realised, that is about $240k each. And they are SUVs. They had wanted to buy BMW Z3 but they decided it will be too scandalous and too James Bond.

Another theory I believe is that LTA changed the PARF rebate value of cars, so that price of cars appear to be cheap, thus encourage more people to buy cars, thus making sure that all car drivers in singapore cannot "Quit" their cars anytime because when they scrape.. they lose big time, then the set up more cameras in Singapore to increase revenue, then they setup more ERP gantries in places like Ang Mo Kio ave 1, increase all ERP rates, and become the most profitable government body beating IRAS.

Why movie tickets from Shaw, GV and EW will increase by a dollar from 1st May is because of Star Wars Espisode III. They jolly well know whether ticket price is $8.50 or $18.50, people will still go watch. And why OVERSEAS Cinemas will not increase (which supported my theory) is because they only shows RA movies and unless Natalie Portman show off her breasts in Espisode III, OVERSEAS will not show it. Since they are not showing Star Wars, they increase the price also no use.

Why government will announce their ministerial statement on Casino on 18 April? You realised they didn't say announce "their decision", but annouce "their ministerial statement". And Why 18 April? They wanted 8th or 28th, but realised that it's midweek and it may give the impression that government is too superstitious. So they decided it shouldn't be midweek for the announcement but the start of the week which is on Monday. Of all Mondays in April, 18th is the most auspicious sounding. And if you haven't realised, government just promoted Dr Vivian Balakrishnan to become a full minister. He was just acting minister before that. You see, a Casino Decision has to be announced by somebody proper, not some small fly who is just an acting minister. And since Vivian Balakrishnan is the minister in charge of the Casino excercise, they must promote him to add weight to the decision lor.

And Finally... the biggest conspiracy theory I unravel..... the most earth shattering conspiracy in Singapore History is that.... our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is actually the son of our first Prime Minister LEE KUAN YEW!!!!!

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