Sunday, April 17, 2005

there's something about ..... that casino decision (sequel)

We are within 24 hours away from knowing where we will have our casinos. Realised there is a tint of silliness after I boldly declared yesterday that there is a 40% chance we will not have a casino.

In fact, I go on further to make a bet... a small one.... with my dad on my belief.

And after what Lee Kuan Yew has to say about the casino, you immediately know that all international betting firms has stop taking in bets.

But I'm still sticking with my beliefs, abeit my confidence level has drop to 5%.

I still want to believe my 5% will prevail based on 2 theories that I formed just today.

Firstly, our MM Lee said recently that the reason he is called a "Mentor" is to remind everyone that he is no longer in charge. Meaning he only provide his opinion and decision lies with the others..... which in this instance is his son.

And since LKY already openly said that it's a wrong judgement call by himself by not allowing Casino during the 70s. It would be very gossipy in nature if his son do right the wrong for his father. Everyone would say then that LKY is still in control of Singapore via his son. And this will also show that his Son do not have his own way of doing things.

Therefore.... these are all smoke screen. LKY said what he said so that tomorrow when our PM announce the NO decision, our PM will gain credibilty and international standing.

So.... with this theories... I'm holding on to my 5% confidence level.

You guys... be ready to Laugh!!!

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