Monday, April 04, 2005

there's something about ..... last saturday

For some strange reason, last Saturday evening seems to have made certain people talk and do funnily.

I was at this foodcourt in Toa Payoh and decided to order "TOU SUAN" for desert.

The seller after scoping the Tou Suan into the bowl, ask me in Chinese "没 有 油 条,可 以 吗?”

Ultimate! It's like eating Chicken Rice without chilli. Satay without gravy. Coke without gas.

And they have a full container of Tou Suan!

I had wanted to bargain down the price but since I'm at a foodcourt, I'm not supposed to behave stingy. So I left.

After dinner, I head down to my ex-favourite DVD rental joint Video Ezy. It was my favourite before Saturday.

I chance upon the DVD "Duplex" for sale in Toa Payoh and decided to borrow it from Video Ezy.

After searching high and low and almost every other corner in the shop, I decided to approach the sales assistant for help.

I asked "Do you have Duplex DVD?"

Sales Assistant answered "No, we only have VCD."

Helloooooo..... Who borrow VCD nowadays?!?!?!? Or rather, who would go Video Ezy to borrow VCD? For the rental of 1 VCD, I might as well add a few dollars more to own it!

Of course, the most classic would be the one particular pretty face at Miss Universe Singapore pageant.

During the Q & A, she was asked to choose her favourite cultural festival other than her own (she's a chinese). She stammered nervously: 'Racial Harmony Day because when I was in secondary school, I had a lot of fun dressing up as an Indian.'

Helllloooooo...... Anybody home......?!??!?

Shouldn't it be April Fool's day??!!! Tell me who in Singapore do not like April Fool's day! You can call it festival if you like and it transcend all cultures!

Or she would have score some points if she had answered "My favourite cultural festival would be Speak Mandarin Campaign. Speak Chinese is Cool!" or "My favourite cultural festival would be parliament sitting, because it's during such festival that you got to know "shit" is unparliamentary and you learn new things all the time."


coolcat said...

oyster omelette without oyster, ice-kachang without kachang..... heh heh

Anonymous said...

Cow without the dung..haha

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