Friday, April 08, 2005

there's something about ..... my first-time father

Hi everyone, my name is...........

Damn! I still do not have a name!!

My stupid busy father prefer to spend his time taking photos of me in uncompromising pose than to think of a name. Yet he complained about not having enough time to think of a name.

To think I'm almost given a name Paul, Justin and Gerard as listed on Straits Times.

I'm must be the only baby in Singapore whose father has no clue on their names a good 5 days after they were borned.

Nameless aside, I also cannot stand it when he keep doing that breathe-hard-low-voice thingy at my face "I'mmmm youuurrr Father"..... all the time.

And every night when he is carrying me, and certain advertisement about this particular singer comes on, he will start singing the song "Honey........ Honey" to me. That must be the most awful song ever.

When will he ever grow up? Sigh!

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cheeky said...

Cute baby.