Monday, April 25, 2005

there's something about ..... that casino(s)

This has been one interesting week in Parliament.

If you didn't know we are having our casinos, let me guess.....
  1. You are a blagadesh worker
  2. You are a indonesian maid
  3. You are a Alien

3 things worth mentioning during the last one week debate.

We don't need that many female MPs in Parliament. It was mentioned in the papers that the female populations in Singapore is not well represented in parliament.

But why do you need that many female MPs when you have SNAG in the cabinet?

Lim Boon Heng was holding back his tears when he relate how a family was been devastated because of gambling problems. He said he couldn't say No to 35000 jobs, while still holding back his tears. WOW.

Singapore's parliament is getting more drama over the years.Talk about adding buzz to SIngapore. Now all we need is a fist-fight ala those taiwanese parliament. Or our president kenna shot at by water pistol.

Next, it's rather easy to be a MP. For everything you issue you go for or against, always back it up with a analogy related to food.

Low Thia Kiang being the Teochew he is, came up with a analogy about Teo Chew Porriage.

He said that the casino decision is like gar'ment giving porriage to everyone but added some medicine inside it. But everyone has no choice but to eat it even if they know they will Lao Sai.

Wah.... very cheem.

Irene Ng retorted with another about buffet. It's a high class settings with very good food but at one small corner there is one undesirable food where they put up notice and barriers to tell people that the food is not healthy. And up to them to decide whether they want to eat.

She didn't realise that when you go to a buffet, a high class one. You eat everything! 3 rounds of everything!

Of course the biggest revelation is not about how many casinos we are having. But how to buy 4D. When you change car, don't buy your new number plate. Buy your old one. Sure Strike one!! I believe anything my gar'ment tell me, especially SM Goh.

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