Saturday, April 15, 2006

there's something about ..... burger

Wah... like very delicious hor.

After hearing so much about it... passing by numerous times.

Attempting to find a seat numerous times.

Giving up on attempting numerous times.

I have finally tried CARL'S JR.

I just have to go try seeing how popular it is. I was like a little kid entering a MacDonald.

I felt like a Big SUA KU when I tried ordering. I have heard about the size of the burger and how 1 person cannot finish. So should I order 1 or 2 since most probably my wife will not be able to finish one.

I decided to order 2. Cannot finish TaPao lah. So I order 1 set of Double Bacon Cheese and 1 broiled Chicken sandwich. They give me a number so that they could deliver to me.

So I went back and told my wife that the total bill was about $19. She got a shocked. I go on to calm her that Carl's Jr is famous for Big Burgers of unparrallel proportions and it's juicy platters. This is like Miss Universe 2006. Big.

She told me that she didn't notice anything unusual from other diners. And I told her it's probably because they were finishing their burgers.

And so my orders arrived.

I guess I have raised the expectations too high. My wife looked at me and asked "Is that all?".

I wanted to ask the waiter the same question but he fled even before I could look fierce into his eyes.

You see... the burger is NOT HUGE. It's NOT GIGANTIC. It's NOT HULK. It's NOT KING KONG. It's NOT T-REX.

It's probably about 30% bigger than normal burger. Or about 100% bigger than a Mos Burger. But again... Mos Burger is like Kate Moss of Burgers.

At $9 plus a burger, I felt rip-off where size is concerned.

But I told my wife... it's not about quantity.. it's about quality. You want cheap, you can go masar malam and eat Rambai Burger.

And so I take my first bite.

The taste.....I couldn't believe it. It's Unbelieavable. It's not true. This can't be.

So I took another bite.

I still couldn't believe it.

The burger taste like...................


I took a bite of my wife's burger... and that too taste like Burger King.

What a total rip-off.

I like Burger King and I know how Burger King taste like. And Carl's Jr taste like Burger King!

What irony. You have a chain that calls themselves Burger King but they sell burger that is of standard size and yet another chain that calls themselves Carl's Junior sells burger that is biggest in the industry.

At almost $20, I rather spend another $5 more and eat at Cafe Cartel.

In fact, Macdonald is having a 1+1 Rice Burger Promotion. You have 2 Rice Burger Value Meal, upsize them and they give you 2 more rice burger for free. Plus you can still order another 6 piece nuggets. All about $20.

What a marketing genious. Sell something similar at a bigger size, price them more and people will flock to it.

Maybe I should start a chain called MOSt Burger. I will sell tepanyagi chicken rice burger at a bigger size and sell it at $15 a piece.

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