Tuesday, April 18, 2006

there's something about ..... MM

Finally saw that TV forum between MM Lee and some post 65 generation. I have refrained from reading the full transcript in the papers as that will not capture the emotions, the tone, the expression of everyone.

And how glad I am to watch the actual footage.

I find the program immensely interesting. It's not too often you have young people (the oldest being 30 and the mildest of the lot) asking political questions directly with MM Lee..... some of them very rudely.

I'm not too old myself... and I wouldn't think I'm that far older than some of them in the show... but when MM Lee talks, you just don't interrupt him.

When my dad talk... I dun interrupt him. When any elderly speaks, you dun interrupt them. When MM Lee speaks, you dun interrupt him.

You let them finish before you ask your questions. Maybe that is confucious, but I feel that is the right way. But not those in the show. I felt some of them is outright disrespectful and rude.

They should be lucky that I'm not any powerful Prime Minister or I will send some of them to Sentosa to be locked up.

One of them, Ken Kwek from Straits Times deserve mention. He started out very aggressively. His first question to MM Lee was sharp, after that he just went downhill.... VERY downhill.

He was so agressive and borders on rudeness that I think it was obvious that MM Lee was unhappy with him and he immediately "crush him like a cockroach" to borrow the phrase from Masters Of The Seas. And I must say, Ken deserves the "dressing down". After that, I think his balls shrink because he stops asking questions.

Other than that incident, the rest of the program is rather monotonous. The questions are not new questions, it's the same old question being asked by younger people with old replies.

Still, it's good to see how MM Lee fields question.

However, I'm rather sad.

PM Lee held a chinese forum with people in the 40s. MM Lee did the same with people in the 20s.

But what about people like us.

We will be the main drivers of our Singapore Economy for the next 20 years. Seriously, do we need to care what these 20s people think about Politics?

Whether they vote for PAP or the opposition during Election Day which mostly would be on a Saturday, they would probably head down to a cinema for a night movie that same day or MOS for partying.

Their daily concerns are boyfriends, girlfriends etc

However, people like us has more worries, more burdens. Maybe Singapore Government know this, which is why they didn't want us to appear on TV because most likely people like us will not have time since we have more worries and more burden.

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