Thursday, April 27, 2006

there's something about ..... nomination day

Just finished watching CNA on the Nomination Day Special.

Noted something amusing.

For those Walkovers GRC and when the election officers announcing the elected MPs for the GRC, those first timers from PAP look extremely Happy. Their body language is that of a child receiving toys for the first time.

I can imagine what goes on in their minds:

PAP MP 1: " HOR SAY LIAO.... I got a full time job for the next 5 years!!!"

PAP MP 2: "HOR SAY LIAO.... no need to go election Rally and speak"

PAP minority MP 3: "HOR SAY LIAO.... can relak abit lah"

PAP MP 4: "HOR SAY LIAO.... minimum effort, maximum returns"

Anyway, I saw the SDA candidates for Pasri Ris-Puggol GRC today in ST.

I think there are just as clueless as me. Do you put a "Tick" or a "Cross" when you vote?

And these people are really heartlanders. They have your heartlanders profile as well. One of them:

Occupation: Administrative Officer

Family: Divorced.

Home: 3-rm flat.

Education: "o" level.

Hobbies: Listening to CLASSICAL MUSIC and watch the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE.

I think he forgot to mention visiting to Singapore Pools every weekend as well. I think "classical music" could mean those old songs by Teresa Teng.


Unknown said...

one thing for sure .. they do not look as good in real life as they did on posters :P

moomooman said...

You should know... I intend to also go over to your area to listen to them.

Remember to put "tick" at the polling slips for SDA.

They say one.

chrischoo said...

Mark your choice with a "X"...