Thursday, April 20, 2006

there's something about ..... m:m:2

Wah... win already.

Again the 30s age group has been marginalised.

Today ST carries a big chunk of the PAP election watch on how the youngsters were being rude with MM Lee over the televised forum.

In ST, the journalist asked about 30 people on their views on the rudeness by these young panelists.

A 57 years old professor was quoted.

A 82 years old retiree was quoted.

A 59 years old cabby was quoted.

A 53 years old captain was quoted.

A 72 years old principal was quoted.

A 72 years old translator was quoted.

A 59 years old grassroot leader was quoted.

A 26 years old journalist was quoted.

A 27 years old executive was quoted.

A 33 years old socialogist was quoted...... and I believe the only reason why he was picked because he was the only socialogist in Singapore.

And the whole content is about how older Singaporeans were of the view that the young people were disrecpectful towards MM Lee.

HELLLLOOOO...... I not very Old ok. I only in my early 30s... and I TOO feel that these young people were disrespectful.

Anyway, these panellists' defended their "rudeness" (like a drunkard would say they are not drunk):

1. The premise of the show was clearly explained to us beforehand. We were told we could ask any questions we wanted to. MM himself told us not be intimidated by him.

2. Everyone was firing questions because there wasn't enough time, and everyone wanted to have their questions answered.

3. Panellists had interrupted Mr Lee because he had paused while giving his answers, and they thought he had finished.

4. We were cast in this forum to play the Devil's advocate.

Nobody says you cannot ask hard questions to MM Lee. We are saying in the mist of asking hard questions in a short time with so many burning questions from so many panellists, you can still do it in a better manner.

Defence No. 3. It's jolly obvious that Mr Lee did not finish his answers. Surely anyone could tell when an answer is completed. His answers may give rise to few other questions... but you don't ask him all the questions until he has finished. This is also a business protocol. In fact, these present in day to day business dealings, schools, everywhere.

Defence No.4. That is because you guys choose to be the Devil's advocate.


Anonymous said...

This is also a business protocol. In fact, these present in day to day business dealings, schools, everywhere.

Hello, who's talking business here? It's politics we're talking about. Check out how they talk politics in other countries, like the US for example. Do they look or even sound like they're talking 'business'?

MM Lee is a politician, and he ought to expect the panellists 'firing' questions at him. And he's a lawyer, he's trained to handle it.

moomooman said...

I agree. However, this is not about a politician talking to another politician, thus no holds barred accepted.

This is a forum and thus some form of protocol is expected, which is why you have a MM Lee sounding cheery at times. And Ken Kwek got off "lightly".