Sunday, April 30, 2006

there's something about ..... rally

I went to 2 rallies on Saturday night.... alone.

My first stop was SDP's rally at Woodlands Stadium. I thought I would be witnessing something special like Dr Chee Soon Juan making a fiery speech and further making defamation remarks and being arrested on the Stage.

Atlas it was not to be as he came and left.

And I left as well.

The rally wasn't exciting at all. I should have gone to a WP's rally given the Gomez hooha.

On my way back, I decided to drop by PAP's rally at Yio Chu Kang Stadium.

In the papers today, it was reported that PAP has about 1k crowd while SDP has about 3k. The guy at the SDP's rally must have failed quite badly in accounting. I think he has counted the crowd 3 times and add it all up. The crowd at Woodlands is almost the same as the crowd in YCK. And I think it about 1k.

Not that this is important. But if they have a need to report the number present at rallies than I think there is a need to correct them.

Anyway, the rally at YCK is equally or if not, more boring than the SDP.

I felt myself drifting away from the speeches and just looking around at the crowd.

And I saw someone.

I saw PM Lee's elder son. The one from his first marriage.

He was wandering outside the barricade, among the crowd, alone. Not exactly alone, as he has a body guard with him.

The first thought I have is that he leads a lonely life. And just when I was about to sympathise with him... I realised..............

I WAS ALONE TOO!!!! In fact, I'm more "alone" than him. At least he has a body guard to keep him "company".

I decided to leave this sad place.

Interestingly, WP was the one who gave me happiness and PAP is the one who gave me sadness.

Is this a sign?


cheeky said...

Hi cow, was at the wp rally at hougang yesterday. The atmosphere was awesome man. i think we should really give this batch of wp candidates (especially the aljunied grc team) a chance to prove themselves. By the way, i saw ex minister David Lim at the rally with his wife.

Anonymous said...

What, ex-minister David Lim at a WP Rally?! Is he outta his mind? Or maybe not.. I think he kena booted out of parliament.. by the Emperor Dowager. haha

Anonymous said...

wah.. PM's son also got bodyguard.. use taxpayers' money ah..

Anonymous said...

hi Jealous,

Why u got problem with PM son having a bodyguard?

How much tax you pay?

If you not happy, work hard be a PM and your family member will have a body guard.

BTW I am not a PAP people

moomooman said...

My god. I saw the picture taken by Yawning Bread and also posted in Wang Bakes Karma.

Shucks man. Stupid that they have to hold the Rally on Sunday night. Why can't they do it on Monday Night. It's May Day. It hold a significance by holding a rally by Workers Party on May Day.

I'm just angry that I miss a spectacle.

I'm going to wait for the AMK GRC one. Why they so long haven't come.

moomooman said...

It's actually quite poignant to see his son walking around with the bodyguard.

Also David Lim also need to excercise judgement when he vote mah. So he must attend opposition Rally as well.

Anonymous said...

If you mean the pigmentally-challenged child, he's a daily sight in nus arts where he's studying, so is 'the bodyguard'. You can't help but feel sorry for him when you see him.

moomooman said...

Wow. Pigmentally challenged. This is the politically correct way of describing.

Indeed, I felt sorry for him... and myself.

I kept thinking of the movie "Bodyguard" when I see him.