Monday, April 10, 2006

there's something about ..... universe

I watched the Miss Singapore Universe 2006 on TV last night.

Yes... I have poor taste for TV production. But when you are at your in-laws, watching Miss Universe on TV is Godsend. Watching Miss Universe is like watching Baywatch, you have a Man and a string of bikini clad women in the show. Sometimes these women speak, even when some of them struggle to talk sense.

There was some publicity about this cohort of Miss Universe. Apparently, it's one of the most "brainy" cohort. Yesterday in NEWPAPER, some were featured to be graduates of some university, among them is also a Scientist with A*star etc.

And so I watched.

It was without a doubt that this year's cohort is one of the brainiest. Like what some people would agree, beauty and intelligent do not always go hand-in-hand for MOST people.

Right from the beginning, I have already decided on who my winner would be. It was a toss up between Carol Cheong or Jade Seah. The others... was just to make up the numbers.

When Carol Cheong won the Body BeautiFULL, it was a case of no-competition at all.

IT IS REALLY FULL. Sorry... it shouldn't be singular. THEY ARE REALLY FULL.

I'm no expert in Cup sizes. But That surely looks like a CUP D at least.

With a body like that, you are at least guarantee a Top 3.

Ironically though not surprisingly, on the very year the organiser declared the cohort as the most brainiest, they give the title to the girl with the biggest CUP in Miss Singapre Universe History.

In fact, her winning the title is so obvious that right after they announced the 2nd runner-up, with both Carol and Jade among the final 4, they announced the winner immediately. This is unusual.

Don't get me wrong, Carol Cheong deserve the title.

I personally felt she is very pretty, her body is double the bonus, and I think she has a brain to boot.

You can't blame them for giving politically correct answers in a grand final like this. Everyone wants to win. But she at least could give a politically correct answers properly.

In fact, she will win every single Miss Singapore Universe from 2001 onwards breast hands down. (I can't seems to recall winners before 2001)

Especially 2001.

The 2001 winner is the biggest joke of all time. Without a knockout look (apparently not the main criteria in Singapore), without the eloquence (apparently not the main criteria in Singapore), the winner went on to sign a TCS contract.

The 2001 winner's biggest achievement was to appear in Amazing Race few years back to utter the words "Welcome to Singapore"... and smile.

In fact, she wasn't even a judge for yesterday's pageant. Not that she should be. But it was interesting to see Joanna Peh as one of the judges eventhough she did not win the title in 2002 (thus not every qualified hor) and yet this 2001 winner was spotted in a video segment for the pre-judged rounds where she is one of the judges.

This world is so cruel. With Carol Cheong winning, I can almost see this 2001 winner down the pecking order. And rightly so.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Definitely the breast size that put Carol Cheong "in front". Her assets are unusually big for a Singaporean girl, and will definitely ensure her competitiveness in the international league.

Anonymous said...

Lovely boobs

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