Wednesday, April 26, 2006

there's something about ..... candidates

Kinda busy these couple of days... juggling between work committments, family, xbox and reading the papers about Election, wondering whether would they or would they not apologise, wondering when Chee Soon Juan would be pulled away and thrown into Sentosa.

I have keen interest in Politics. I would follow the US politics closely just to satisfy my cravings for Political Dramas. And not surprising "Spin City" was one of my favourite sitcoms.

However, my interest in Politics goes as far as Political Drama is concern. Issues brought out by political parties are just products used to win the politician votes. So I don't really care so much about issues. I care about strategy, what they say to each other, what they do to outdo each other. Other words... ala "Survivor".

Anyway, it just dawn on me that since I can't be the Prime Minister of Singapore, and that they have yet to invite me for tea... I suppose I have no choice but to become an Opposition candidate for the next election.

Afterall, all you need to do is to join them as a memeber and you will be a candidate. No tea necessary, no psychotic test needed, no checking of hard disk to see if you have sexy pictures of your maid.

You can be as young as 24 years old. Never mind that you just graduated from a
First Class University , and that you do not have a high paying job as yet, and you are still thinking when you are going to have a girlfriend, or which club to go chionging on a Saturday night.

I look back to some of my cousins that is around 24 years old and imagine them being a "politician". I tried to remember what I was doing when I was 24... atlas it was too way back for me to remember.

I realised my cousins at that age have BIG DREAMS. They think they are really smart. They think they can make big money by doing certain things. They think they are so capable that they decided not to work hard and let success drop on them. They have that arrogance that hide the naviety they do not realise.

Of course, they are just my cousins. Not a representation of the younger generation in Singapore. Or so I witness in the televised forum with MM Lee.

I can't wait for the rallies to come.

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