Monday, April 21, 2008

that's something about ..... crocs

Yes. I admit.

I entered into a Crocs shop over the weekend.

Yes. I admit.

My wife bought a crocs working shoe, not your big head with holes type.

Yes. I admit.

I would rather be caught dead than wearing a crocs. Those big head with holes type.

Yes. I admit.

Crocs can be comfortable but I have not tried.

Yes. I admit.

Crocs is one phenonmenon I can't explain. Paying Top $ for a rubber shoes that at most times look ridiculous. Sorry friends.... it's just me.

Yes. I admit.

Crocs newer designs are rather desirable. Those sandles look alikes, monk's shoes looksalikes and those ladies working shoes.


I will still not buy them until I strike 4D.


Lin said...

Even if you strike 4D, you'll stil

not buy crocs, yah?

What can I say, You've got

taste... ...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Saw the news on what an escalator can do to your Crocs and the feet wearing them.

Think - Chicken feet in a blender.

Murphy's Laws:
Kids + Crocs + Escalators = Accident waiting to happen!