Monday, April 07, 2008

there's something about ..... stupidity

So Li Jia Wei and Ronald Susilo's relationship has ended.

Why am I not surprise? It's almost as predictable as finding chicken in chicken rice. Already couples who speak the same language can end up divorcing, how about couples who don't speak each other's language? Unless of course, your bride comes from Vietnam.

But now, it's easy to know why they break up. It's not so much about communication. It's stupidity.

Yes. Ronald is stupid.

Stupid to buy a car but put it under her name, even when she don't drive.

Stupid to contribute to a condominium but didn't have his name included, assuming that they would get married eventually. Plain Stupid. Add a name will die issit. 2 names also same price, 1 name also same price, Of course.. add 2 names lah.

Stupid to get this whole story publicize in our Main Papers to show us how Stupid he is.

Yes... it also shows how mecenary Jia Wei is. But again... anyone can tell you that Chinese Girls are smart. Very Smart. How else is she able to convince you to buy a condominium under her name solely. Jia Wei being smart and mecenary is almost seeable.

Ronald being stupid is a disgrace to Man. Really.

I want to say that I sympathise with Ronald. But I can't get myself to do it.

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