Sunday, April 20, 2008

there's something about ..... T3

Not the movie Terminator 3 but Airport Terminal 3.

Like most Singaporean, I was curious about the hype on T3. I read that they did up T3 with a "big" shopping mall so that locals could go there more often to do their shopping as well as makan.

And so I decided to go shopping at T3.

Before I discuss that, the road signage sucks!! Or is it just me?!

They don't give you advance notice on when to turn into T3. And when they finally give you a notice, it says :

Terminal 3
Airport Hotel

I saw this probably just about 15 seconds before I have to make a decision whether to turn or not.

15 seconds!!!!!

It's simply not enough for me to decide whether the sign says:

1.)Terminal 3 AND/OR Airport Hotel

2.) Terminal 3 Airport Hotel

And so I decided that perhaps it means the "Airport Hotel at T3" and so I drove on thinking that they would be another entrance to "Terminal 3". NINABEH... I realised that driving on go towards T1!!!

That aside.

I was looking out for a big shopping experience. It was indeed BIG.

The experience is almost as big as shopping in say Capitol Theatre. In fact, I think TEN Mile Junction provides a better shopping experience. In bloody fact, I think Ang Mo Kio/Bedok/Toa Payoh Central provides a better shopping experience.

I was like ... "it's that it?" What big Shopping Mall?

They have however a Foodcourt that is as big as anywhere you have seen in major Shopping Centre.

Their food is as tasty as those that I cook myself, namely maggi Mee. If I eat a certain brand of Cup Noodles, it's alot more tasty that those that we ordered at the foodcourt.

Am I being fair to the hawkers there?

I dunno. Let me see....

I ordered Carrot Cake.... taste Bad.

I ordered Fried Kuey Tiao (same store).... taste bad.

The chicken Rice looks disgusting. (To be fair, it might just be tasteful)

I ordered Indonesian BBQ Chicken.... Taste bad.

I ordered Chap Chai Rice for my maid.... my maid say taste bad. And my maid eat EVERYTHING and she didn't even finish this plate.

Maybe I just damn unlucky to order bad food. And it's not a total representation of the foodcourt.

But Where got so Sway one!!!

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