Wednesday, April 09, 2008

there's something about ..... trilogy

... of The Reds. (Liverpool Vs Arsenal)

Yesterday's match is one hell of a game. The mood swings is so drastic and extreme, I felt like a woman yesterday.

13th Minute.
Arsenal Scored. 0-1
My mood: Low (Nabeh).

30th Minute.
Liverpool Scored. 1-1
My mood: High (YEAH!!)

69th Minute
Liverpool Scored. 2-1
My mood: ultra High. (YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

84th Minute
Arsenal scored. 2-2
My mood: Ultra Low, rock bottom. (Nabeh CB ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.)

85th Minute
Penalty given to liverpool.
My mood: Ultra High. maximum swing Occurs(YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!)

86th Minute
Before the penalty Kick.
My mood: Super Nervous. (praying)

86th Minute
Liverpool scored: 3-2
My mood:Ultra Ultra High. (YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!)

86th minute to 90th minute
My mood: tentative. Nervous. (praying)

91th Minute
Liverpool scored 4-2.
My mood: Sense of Relief.

Why Liverpool will win Champions League this year.

1.) Just like in 2005, Everton is strong and is chasing for 4th spot.
2.) Just like in 2005, Liverpool need to win the last group match before advancing to QF.
3.) Just like in 2005, Liverpool semi-final opponent is Chelsea.
4.) Just like in 2005, I am going to be a father again this year.
5.) Just like in 2005, I changed my car.
6.) Just like in 2005, I am still so good looking.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ah Gu!

Perhaps you could start your next post on "There's something about.... Fate".

I've read both meow's and your blog (well, roughly) and after all these years, I feel really happy to see familiar names like Jeff, Elaine, Anthony, Leon, Infinity, Bryan, Rachel... And even happier to know that big boys have become daddies!

Up to this point, your mood should be how you felt at 86th to 90th minute of the Reds' game, wondering "who the hell is this person?!"

Walk back to your memories and if you could recall the cute "little" girl called DoEy.... =D

Miss you people!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doey...

How are you man? Talk about big boys becoming daddies... you also small girl become big girl.

Seriously, how are you doing...

Anonymous said...

I am doing fine! But my observation on the increasing digits in certain areas does bother me a little – Age & Weight! =P It’s been a long time yeah? I think the last time I saw you guys was in year 2001?!

Anonymous said...

hey.. your email remains the same?

Anonymous said...

Yes moomoo, no change! =D

Lin said...

Harlow Cow Dunk -King,

Like your posts.

Added a link of yours to my blog.