Monday, April 21, 2008

there's something about ..... erp car parks

I always hate those ERP car parks systems. The fact is you never know how much value is enough in your cashcards when you enter into any carparks. $10 might be more than enough in shopping malls but not enough in CBD car parks.

You can't keep tracks of your time spent at one place and you can't keep tracks of all different charges everywhere else. It's just a pain.

Unusual things always fall on me. ALWAYS. NABEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I was at VIVO city yesterday.

Knowing that my cashcard value is low, I decided to topup my cashcard.

The first machine I went to on B1, while working, couldn't get a dialing tone out. I keep having cashcard error as a result.

So I went down to B2 of the same lobby. The cashcard machine has a "out of order" sign on it.


You know what this means.... have you got any idea how F#$@ BIG Vivo City is!!!!

Do you know that the next cashcard machine is another lobby away.... in walking terms...... half way through VIVO city!!!!??!?!??!?!?!

If you know VIVO city well, my carpark lobby is the one nearest to CROCS shop. And I have to walk ALL THE WAY to the the Main Lobby where the MRT is. That is almosts HALF way into VIVO City!!!

But what to do. Trying to locate an ATM machine in Vivo City is just as bad. And so I take the walk to the middle lobby.

At B1 of that lobby, the cashcard topup machine is just as KUKU!!! It couldn't read my cashcard and kept telling me that I have inserted wrongly. I mean there are just 4 possible ways of inserting the cashcard and all 4 are wrong!!?!?!?

How Sway can you get!!!!

Finally I managed to top up at B2 of that same lobby. AFTER 4 F%$! Tries!!! FOUR!!!! FOUR!!!!

It's like those blonde jokes "how many blondes needed to change 1 light bulb?"


And my misery didn't end there.

It ended when I realised my original balance in my cashcard would have been sufficient for me to get out of the Car Park!!!


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