Saturday, April 19, 2008

there's something about ..... mrt

With the ever-increasing petrol costs and the effects of Global Warming already in Singapore, I have decided to take more MRT for my appointments nowadays, rather than driving.

And I realised my competitive nature has waned. I'm not too sure if I was getting older thus slower, or in the last 10 years or so, train commuters have become more aggressive.

Twice out of 3 times yesterday, I losed out on a seat because someone further away from the seat than I am, rush in and sit down.

And the worse is that I was actually "getting ready" to sit, clearly an obvious body language to tell everyone surrounding me that the seat was mine. But 2 ladies beat me to it. Nabeh. 2 ugly aunties beat me to it. Yes... UGLY!!!! Anyone who snatch my seat is Ugly, nevermind if you are Jaymee of Contender Asia.

And the worse worst, that 2 times happend in the same train trip within 2 stations apart. I am like the laughing stock in that cabin. Nabeh!!! I could almost hear whispers from other commuters saying that I am a "loser" like Zidov of Contender Asia.

Damn it. Is it so difficult to do my part for the EARTH?

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