Tuesday, April 29, 2008

there's something about ..... nipple

I will know the sex of my baby tomorrow.

The last 2 weeks were all about educated guesses on the sex of the baby. All sort of theories surfaced ranging from genes, ancient calendar, medicine, appearance, rice, son's guess, guts and a new topic today... nipples.


My parent say this would be a girl based on the family tree sequence.

Ancient calendar:

A piece of calendar says this would be a boy.


My chinese sinseh says this would be a boy.


My maid says that this would be a girl because my wife's appearance did not change much. As in still more feminine, thus a girl.


We counted rice and we lost count.

Son's guess:

When my son knew about the baby, he said "di di".


My client's saw me and say I would have 2 boys.


My neighbour says that if the first child's nipple is protruding, the next one is a boy, and if it's "inverted" nipple, it's a girl. Ultimate!!!!! And you know what is the ultimate thing... I actually go and check my son's nipple!?!?!?!? Yes... I just need to confirm it. It's "inverted", so the next one is a girl.

Tomorrow we will know.

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