Saturday, April 19, 2008

there's something about ..... tax

What a week! Aren't I glad tax submission is over! It's the time of the year where the blues kick in. I supposed the problem lies within myself.

I don't tax early, and I don't see why I shouldn't do so. I mean... it's supposedly tax for last year and I have like 3 full months to prepare for it.

But Singaporean being Singaporean. Unless it's for free rice, hello kitty limited editions, star wars limited editions, Halo 3 launch, queue for Primary School entry..... we or rather I don't aim to be the first with taxation where I see a loss rather a benefit.

But I didn't realise I would wait till the last minute to file as well. And I don't mean the 15th Dateline, I meant the 18th dateline e-filing.

And how I hate doing it.

After spending time and effort finding my policies and calculating my Iife Insurance Premium that I have paid for the year, and included them in the "reliefs", I was told I don't qualify if I have contributed CPF. Nabeh!! Why can't they say so earlier.

After spending time calculating my maid's levy that I have paid, and included them in it, I was told only working mum qualify for the relief.

And of course, alot of others.

The whole point about taxation is to make it easy for you to include your earnings so that they can tax you easily as well but to make it hard for you to figure out what your reliefts are so that you will be frustrated and you ended up being taxed more. Damn it!!

I realised the Blues on Tax Filing is not so much about the tax that you have to pay. Afterall, like the saying goes, "The only thing is life that is certain is Tax and Death". We are among the lowest Tax Country and I shouldn't complain much.

The blues, I think, comes from the Relief ironically. I mean... what if I miss out on a certain relief which I am entitled to and I ended up paying more? What if I added something else which I thought I am entitled to but I was wrong and IRAS charged me for under-declaring?

Why should only working mums have maid's levy relief and not working husband? Isn't it ironic that a maid is being employed and paid by the husband to relief the wife's "job" of taking care of the household and end of the day, the wife did not do anything and yet benefited a "relief".

And why must we calculate, we pay maid's levy directly to Government. They should be able to calculate and inserted it into you "relief" section by default.

I complain too much sometimes.

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