Tuesday, June 28, 2005

there's something about ..... being featured in people's magazine

This is a 15 steps guide on "How to be nominated in people's magazine world most beautiful people".

  1. This is the most GEI GONG one... you must be beautiful lah.
  2. But then..... beautiful also got no use. Otherwise I also get nominated, you must also be smart.
  3. Beautiful and smart also got no use. Otherwise I also get nominated every year, you must be scholarly smart.
  4. But scholarly smart also got no use. You must also play rugby.
  5. If you never play rugby, you will get straight 4 As at A Level, then you too studious liao. You must get 3 As and 1 B to be exact. Then you stand a good chance to win President's Scholarship.
  6. The best chance to be nominated in People's Magazine is to be located in USA where the magazine is based. Don't be stupid to go study in Nanjing University in China. Must go IVY League type.
  7. Once you are there, you must be friendly. You can satisfy point 1 to 6 but not friendly also no use. Normal friendly also no use. You must be super friendly that will create some magnetism.
  8. After you create some magnetism, you make sure you apply that magnetism to both gender.
  9. Make sure you have one representation in each gender, preferably both coming from sports community.
  10. Be emphathetic. Must go understand people and know what they think so that they will make positive comments about you.
  11. Must go and learn how to make paper flowers. Not only paper flowers, but must also include stalks and leaves.
  12. Make sure you give that paper flowers to someone celebrating 21st birthday so that people can see it.
  13. Know female friends who skates in Olympics and make sure they become your good friend
  14. Make sure these female friends read People's Magazine.
  15. Make sure these female friends like to nominate people's name for fun.

Note: you must follow these 15 steps religiously. Missing any of these or in different order may have horrible consequences and I will not be held responsible if your name get nominated in Playgirl/Playboy most beautiful people.

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