Thursday, June 02, 2005

there's something about ..... sexual abstinence

I recently brought Ian to have his head shaved. It was an interesting experience not because your son's hair is being shaved but also someone's else son's hair is being shaved.

In comparison, Ian's hair shaving experience is a non-event in comparison.

Shaolin disciple

Just when Ian is in the midst of shaving, another customer came in. The contingent included the baby's parents, the maid and the baby of course. For easy reference, we shall call the baby "S".

They look like your decent couple. The guy looks like someone in front of the computer whole day. The wife is rather chatty. She would initiate conversation with us like how old is the baby etc. "S" is 4 months old.

After Ian became botak, we hang around choosing the shaft to make a writing brush out of Ian's hair.

So it's now "S" turn to have his hair shaved.

I was too pre-occupied about choosing the shaft to notice anything about "S". After we were done with our purchase, we kinda bump into them outside the shop. I think they were waiting for us to finish choosing before entering back to the shop again.

Now, what has this got to do with sexual abstinence? Will go to that soon.

I still wouldn't have notice anything about "S" had his mum not be so chatty and stopped us on our track. We would have just say bye and go. But she decided to be Kay Poh and ask which shaft and how much we pay for it.

This is when I notice there were something on "S" head. The whole head is shaved except these certain "spots" on "S" anterior fontanelle or above the forehead and below the skull area.

It's like the character below in LAO FU ZI where there are few strands of standing hair except they are not few strands but few small spots of hair.

Big Potato

These few spots of hair are so visible and there are glued-like substance sticking these spots of hair to the head.

The chatty wife sensing my "stares" (sorry... I'm a curious guy, I can't pretend oblivious) decided to explain.

Chatty wife: He got dandruffs.

Me: Ahh......

I'm a trustful person. I believe anything people tell me. So while walking to my car with my wife, my wife could stand my stupidity and ask me.

Desperate housewife: You believe it's really dandruff meh.

Not so desperate but cool husband or me: Not meh....

D.H: Baby where got dandruff one!!

N.S.D.B.C.H or me: yeah hor... then what is it?


If you haven't heard, if you have SEX during your wife's pregnancy, your sperm will end up on your kid's head. These "dandruff" will go off in months.

I have heard about it but this is the first time I actually saw it.

And I can't help thinking about that couple again. What the Hell is that guy thinking?!?!?! He look so geeky but within he is a Animal!!!

If you look at my baby's photo up there, you will know that I practice abstinence.

And now I can't help looking at baby's head from now on. It's my wife's fault. I will be looking at the baby's head and if I see sperm, I will look at the guy and think "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!!"

Anthony.... I will be observing your baby!!

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