Sunday, June 12, 2005

there's something about ..... great singapore sale

I was there!!! I was there at Suntec City on Saturday night for the midnight sale ending at 2am!!!

And I realised probably half of Singapore population are there as well. Nabeh!!

To think I thought reaching Suntec at 10pm will be just about right to beat the crowd. But I realised the other half of Singapore population also have the same idea and the Car Park was full. Decided to drive to Millenia Walk to park my car there but was also greeted with a "full" sign. Nabeh! Anyway, managed to find a parking lot in Millenia after a while wait.

What's with these Singaporean? Suntec City only mah. Go from morning 10am to 10pm lah, why go after 10pm?!?!?!? Why can't these people go in the afternoon like Jeff and Elaine did.

And My god... Suntec is at the most crowded I ever seen. I'm sure if Suntec City apply for indepedence, they would have been granted sovereigncy and will become the smallest country beating Vatican City.

Finally, Singaporean has a good alternative to Night Safari and nobody is giving up this chance to go Suntec for midnight shopping.

First Stop... U2. Too crowded. Decided to give it a miss. nabeh.

Next... Fox. Lagi Crowded. But additional discount given by credit card company on top of the sale is too good to miss. Squeeze lor. Also, don't mind squeezing with the young and trendy, machiam like those days in Madam Wong. Desmond would know how I feel.

Next... Giordano. Too Crowded. Forget it.

G2000.... too crowded. Forget it.

Nike (ground floor).... Shutter down for crowd control. Nabeh.

Addidas.... too crowded. Forget it.

Decided to go up to second floor.

Why Pay More... too crowded. Forget it.

Tower Records.... nobody. Forget it.

Nike... very happening shop. All street wear but the shop too small. Too crowded. Walk 1 round, decided to give up. Nabeh.

Carrefour next. After going thru those china-imported-chiong DVDs, decided to buy 1 music DVD at $7 (will talk about it next time) and also bought 1 original Stephanie Sun CD at $5.

And the crowd is getting too big. In all my trips to Carrefour, I have never been injured except perhaps my wallet, or emotionally injured after spending $7 for a china-imported-music-DVD of an artiste but realised it's bikini women running around in the music videos like those found in Karaoke Lounge.

But this time, one fat woman actually roll her trolley over my foot. Nabeh!! Too much liao, I didn't travel all the way from Ang Mo Kio to Suntec City in the night after 10, spend more time looking for a car park lot, walk basically from the front to the back of Suntec City because every shop is too crowded, ended up in Carrefour, bought a china-imported-chiong-music-DVD and to have my foot rolled over by a trolley by a fat woman.

Not to mention the queue to pay up. These people buy in bulk of anything they can find. Pampers, Rice, Potato Chips. I suppose it's that Kiasu mentality to make their trips there more worthwhile.

But one idiot just buy 1 china-imported-chiong-music-DVD with bikini women from japan swimming inside.

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