Thursday, June 23, 2005

there's something about ..... lost again

Just finished watching the 4th espisode of Lost. So this will set the pattern of the remaining shows. Each espisode revealing the past about everyone.

I'm eagerly awaiting to see what happen to the korean couple before the crash. And what will happen in the island with the korean wife. I'm sensing a bit of "desperate housewife" happening in the show. YEAH!!!!

Frankly speaking, the actual "Desperate Housewife" bored me. Not very desperate leh.

Anyway, was talking to Lily today about "Lost". I felt there is no way this show can have a second season. This show is about suspense, not about relationship. Once the suspense is out, the show will lose the appeal. And by end of the season and if they are still in the island, that means any second season will dealt with relationship among each other on the island. That will be like "friends" on deserted island, that will be "OC" on deserted island. Just doesn't work.


They come up with

"Pulau Ubin: Lost"
"Phuket: Lost"

... CSI style.

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Anthony CYK said...

btw first season of lost is episode 1 - 20.
now is on 2nd season liao
21 and up