Monday, June 13, 2005

there's something about ..... benedict goh

Recently Channel News Asia was searching for a new host for each of their lifestyle series, sports series and gourmet series.

And with the American Idol format gaining popularity, sms voting became the way to go in choosing people.

And Ni Na Beh, Benedict Goh won the lifestyle series!!!! All these voters obviously have stamps on their eyes. Or they have super short memory of our once Pyramid Games' host with his great pose and stiff upper lib.

the many facade of Benedict Goh.

And what I can't stand the most is his a-la mariah carey-always-shoot-on-my-left-side.

During the whole of Channel News Asia, you only see his left side like those pictures above. Why?

Because he only has 1 dimple and it's on his left face!! Vainpot!

Suddenly, the never-go-wrong-in-selecting-presenters' Channel News Asia finally got it wrong and this time they fall at the hands of benedict goh family members and friends SMS voters.

And suddenly the credibility of CNA is under siege. And I must now say that CNA will not be my favourite channel anymore.

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