Sunday, June 26, 2005

there's something about ..... last night

This sounds like a romantic movie title many years ago starring demi-moore before the "Bruce Willis" era, or this sounds like a porno title.

In anyway, this is about a very frustrating night that I have last night.

I got an invitation last night to a wedding dinner in Suntec City. One of my in-laws cousin got married. In short, the word "in-laws" equals to "nabeh".

But I thought... wedding dinner at Suntec... no matter how bad... is still enjoyable. Afterall, Suntec is my favourite shopping mall. We could go shopping till the very last minute and go in for Cheap dinner. "Cheap" as in something along the line of another wedding dinner I went with Jeff few months ago. How enjoyable is that!!

So I started off in good mood, hit the CTE and exiting at Plaza Singapura. Just when my car was waiting to get onto Orchard Road outside Plaza Singapore, I heard from radio that certain roads will be closed because of NDP rehearsal.

You see, I know my way around Singapore. But if you tell me Road A is close, I sometimes do not know where is Road A even if I drive on it frequently. So those road closure makes no sense to me.

But I thought Suntec and Padang quite far apart leh... should be fine.

So I managed to get onto Orchard Road after a while, and the only way to go Suntec is via Bras Basah Road. (The road between Rendezvous Hotel and new SMU).

I was still in good mood entering Bras Basah Road.... for about 5 mins.

I was actually stuck on that road for about 30 mins!!

And the most frustrating thing is.... just when I finally have eye-contact with Suntec, I realised why traffic was so bad.

Because... there is NO THROUGH ROAD to Suntec. All Cars must EXIT at Beach Road!!! NI NA BEH!!!! From a 3 lane road and turn into a 2 lane road, you can imagine the bottleneck.

If not for the stupid wedding dinner we have to attend, I would have drove to Bugis Junction or go back liao.

But I thought.... hey... that is a slip road just next to Shaw towers that could enter in Nicole Highway and from there you can enter into Suntec. Well... that is not too bad a detour.

Another bombshell came. This side of the road turning in from Bras Basah Road DO NOT allow right turn into that slip road that cuts into Nicole Highway. I have to make U-Turn further up and join the already long queue trying to enter the slip road. KNN.

But an Idea came to my mind. A Brilliant Idea. I was so proud of myself.

I decided to hit the ECP. That is a entrance into ECP next to THE Plaza Hotel. Once on ECP, I can then enter into the Rochor Exit which is next to Suntec. HOR SAY LIAO!!! BRILLIANT IDEA!!!

So there I was entering into ECP, smiling to myself how smart I was.

NI NA BEH!!!! The Rochor Exit was behind me, and my next exit is Marina South!!!

Bo bian. Must exit Marina South, do a U-turn inside marina South, hit the ECP again on the other side and then enter the Rochor exit.

Time taken to reach Suntec 1 hour and 15 mins!!!

And I think I'm not the only victim. The whole car park is so empty. For once you can choose a very nice lot, next to the lift.

When I arrive into Suntec, whatever shopping time I have is gone. So I thought my only saving grace is to enjoy a sumptious dinner at an affordable "rate".

KNN!! The food is one of the worst I have ever taken!!! Suddenly I realised we have over-"Ang Paoed".

Just to give you an idea how bad the food was. During the dinner, we have at least half the plate of Roasted Chicken which we could not finished. YES... CHICKEN! I couldn't even force myself to finish the plate of Chicken. What a travesty!

So we ask the captain to "Da Pao" for one of the relative back home who couldn't come.

What the captain said was the "highlight" of the day. Super highlight. That remains as the most highlight ever in my life.

He told us that "da pao" is not encourage by the chef (what chef, I can cook better with 1 hand tied to the back) and if we do insist, we have to sign an INDEMNITY FORM!!! Nabeh.

Their food must be so bad that people must have "Da pao" so much and have complained so much that they decided to protect themselves. Do be fair, we never know whether other banquets have such practices, but to be fair, we never have to "da pao" roasted chicken home because I would have finished them off.

It's official. "In-laws" = "Nabeh". They can even overpowered the attractiveness of Suntec City. Never underestimate the "in-laws".

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