Monday, June 20, 2005

there's something about ..... father's day

Today I celebrated Father's Day, my first, in the most nabeh fashion.

I woke up with a headache-attributed-to-heatiness that plague me the whole day. It's hard to explain what is headache-attributed-to-heatiness is, but I seems to be the only one in the family that has it.

It comes and go in few seconds, and in an hour, it will happens about 10 times. And when it happens, my face will cramp together and I will have tears coming from my eyes.

Usually this will last for days unless I decided to take Panadols which I just did.

That aside, who ever invented Father's Day must be :
  • not a Singaporean
  • or he got no in-laws

Otherwise, why did they invent Father's Day to fall on a Sunday? Don't they realised in Singapore, we always most often sure must never say fail need to visit our in laws on Sunday?

So what joy would father's day bring to a father like myself, if I have to visit my in laws?

And if visiting in-laws is already as boring as it can be, it's worse when my nephews in law are a pain as they always are.

They are rude, noisy, obnoxious.....

Sometimes I feel they should change the law of Father's Day abit. They should banned in-law visiting on Father's Day.

If banning it, is not possible, they should ban nephews from visiting their grandparents on Father's day.

Of if banning of nephews is not possible, they should allow caning by their uncle so that father's day will be enjoyable.

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