Thursday, June 09, 2005

there's something about ..... lost

Currently watching the first hour of "LOST". So much hype surrounding the show, top rated in US, so it must be good.

Still trying to find out how good this is. Dunno anything about the show except 48 guys surviving a crash in an unknown island.

My first thought about "Lost" is that these 48 guys got lost from the civilisation and the drama is about how they are found.

But now, I'm not too sure. I think the show is about JURASSIC PARK's LOST WORLD. Thus the name of the show "Lost" as in Lost World.

Still watching to find out what this is all about. Hope it's something interesting.


coolcat said...

Caught part of it while in Orlando. Watched till the part where Jack (?) rejoined the girl and the singer chap after they got separated. What happened after that?

moomooman said...

Wah biang, jack rejoined the girl and singer chap after they got separated?

They seems to always get separated and got back together. And I suspect your question will still be valid after every espisode. Hehe.