Saturday, June 18, 2005

there's something about ..... information on a need to know basis

I have hardly complained about my maid. But after staying together for about 4 months, sure got complaints one lah.

Of course, right now, it's about playing psychological warefare with the maid. Apparently, she has told my wife that she is quite afraid of me.

And because of that, I have been instructed by my wife and mum, to act the role of The Enforcer; The Sith; The Terminator; All I have to do is to "Not Smile, look unhappy, no need to talk".

So everyday, I'm leading dual lives. And after 2 years, I will have split personality and I will need to see a shrink.

Anyway, my biggest problem about my maid is that she has a terrible voice. While to some, this is not a problem because how often will the maid talk? But not this one.

This one talks alot. Not only that, she talks alot, very loudly. Not only that, she talks alot, very loudly and very incomprehensible. Meaning, anything that comes out of her mouth could technically be termed "noise".

And she also laugh alot. Very cheerful right. Must be very good right. But noise is still noise. Whichever form it comes in.

Anyway, yesterday she appears to be very quiet. Sensing that and being a good employer that I am, I decided to ask my wife about it. Of course, I didn't expect my wife to have an answer, and I just ask for the sake of asking. Even if my wife is to ignore my question, I will still take silence as an answer and my life move on.

Me: Why Umi so quiet today?

Desperate Housewife: She is having her period.

Me: Ni Na Beh

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