Tuesday, June 14, 2005

there's something about ..... that chiong dvd

This is it. This is my Great Singapore Sale's evidence from Carrefour: China-imported-chiong-karaoke-DVD

I was naive. They were showing a similarly chiong but a Stephanie Sun's Karaoke DVD with original Music Videos on TV, and I decided that this being displayed next to it must be not too bad.


I should have analysed more!! But at $7, sometimes you wonder...

The tell-tale sign that this DVD is superly chiong is the english translation.

“一生何求” is "What For in All The Life"

Champion!! Ask Gar'ment.. How to speak good english? You go carrefour and walk one round, and you will be influenced by broken english already.

There are other classic translation in the album:

“浪子心声” is "Dissipator's Inspiration"

“盼望的缘份” is "The Predestined Relationship Reason”

“南北一家亲” is "We're One, South and North"

Come to think of it, actually $7 for a soft-porn DVD with nice songs is not that bad lah. On top of that, can humour me with funny titles. WHERE TO FIND!!!!

Carrefour lor.

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